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Discontinued Products

  • Compuprint 4247 Series

    Equivalent to the popular InfoPrint-Ricoh 4247 dot matrix line. Robust, reliable and versatile printers for very heavy duty printing needs in industrial, logistics, and administrative application environments.

    • From 720 cps up to 1300 cps speed
    • 18 and 24 pins print heads
    • Up to 8 part forms
    • Straight paper path
    • Patented front dual tractor option for heavy work environments
    • Auto forms thickness sensing and adjustment
    • Auto switching paper paths
    • MTBF 20.000 hours @ 25% duty cycle
    • Long life print heads from 400 Mchars up to 800 Mchars
    • Long life ribbon cartridges
    • From 600 to 950 PPM productivity
    • Up to 80.000 pages / month workload
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  • 6416 Series

     Compuprint 6416
    The Compuprint 6416 is the high speed industrial thermal solution of Compuprint.
    Compuprint 6416 heavy-duty metal construction, proven reliability, and excellent media handling deliver optimum performance in the most demanding environements, as well as connectivity and application flexibility.
    For centralized printer management and administration, Compuprint 6416 offer 10/100 Ethernet and WiFi 802.11 b/g (*) interface solutions. 
    • Simple and intuitive LCD screen for immediate printer status.
    • Fast and effortless printhead assembly for efficient TPH switch.
    • Automatic ribbon winding inside/outside detection, easy to install and simple to use.
    • Excellent print quality consistent across a wide range of consumables
    • Best in class ruggedness and compactness with aluminium die cast construction
    • Best in class processing and throughput speed, and memory capacity
    • Best in class communication and emulation capabilities

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  • Compuprint SP40 Series

    The Compuprint SP 40 transactional printer is the ideal, long-term asset for financial institutions, by assuring process efficiency and offering very low cost of ownership. It’s designed to print documents quickly, clearly and securely, with total ease of handling and allows users to totally dedicate attention and care to their customers. Equipped with the most flexible and powerful electronics available today, the Compuprint SP 40 represents the ideal platform for institution and applications developers, being already designed to satisfy future requirements and upgrades. Compuprint SP 40: the result of our technological expertise in the sector, a perfect solution for all financial environments but also for other vertical solutions like post office and public administration.

    • Compact, elegant, contemporary design
    • Print a comprehensive range of documents, including passbooks
    • High transaction speed, superior performance and reliability
    • Fully compatible with today’s financial sector applications and systems and future generations
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  • Compuprint 4000 Plus Series

    Select printer Model for more Information:
    Compuprint 4051 Plus
    Compuprint 4056 Plus

     Compuprint 4051 Plus - Compuprint 4000 Series

  • Compuprint 10000 Series

    Select printer Model for more Information:
    Compuprint 10200

  • Compuprint MDP Series

    Click printer Model for more Information:
    Compuprint MDP40 B
    Compuprint MDP 30 FB
    Compuprint MDP 40 T+

     Compuprint MDP40 B

  • Compuprint 6300 Series

    Click printer Model for more Information:
    Compuprint 6304

     Compuprint 6304

  • Compuprint 6400 Series

    Click printer Model for more Information:
    Compuprint 6314

     Compuprint MDP40 B

  • Compuprint SIGNUM 2043

     L03 - Compuprint  4247 SeriesCompuprint Signum 2043

  • Compuprint SIGNUM 2048

     L03 - Compuprint  4247 SeriesCompuprint Signum 2048

  • Compuprint SIGNUM 2076

     L03 - Compuprint  4247 SeriesCompuprint Signum 2076

  • Compuprint SIGNUM 2078

     L03 - Compuprint  4247 SeriesCompuprint Signum 2078

  • Compuprint 3036

     L03 - Compuprint  4247 SeriesCompuprint 3036


  • Compuprint 3065

     L03 - Compuprint  4247 SeriesCompuprint 3065

  • Compuprint 6400 OLD Series

    Click printer Model for more Information:
    Compuprint 6404

     Compuprint 6404

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